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Things You Can Do to Help Someone with Depression

If you know someone who is suffering from depression, your first instinct is likely to reach out and support them. However, many people aren’t certain how to truly help someone with depression. You may say the wrong thing, and while it may be completely unintentional, it’s possible to make the situation worse. That’s why before you help someone with depression, it’s important that you first understand how to do so.

Learn About Depression

The first thing to do is to educate yourself about what depression is. It’s more than just feeling sad, and it’s not something a person can simply get over. It’s a strong emotional state that may have its roots in a chemical imbalance or other medical condition. Even if depression stems from something such as a death in the family, it still goes beyond being sad.

Depression may affect one person differently than it affects another. Most people, though, do exhibit a number of similar symptoms. Generally, depression causes a person to lose interest in the things around them, become less motivated to do anything, and results in a loss of appetite.

Research Support Groups

While you may feel comfortable talking about depression, thanks to your research, you are only one person. Your friend or family member who is battling depression may need more help than you can offer. That’s why it’s important to learn about nearby support groups, therapists, doctors, and other resources. You can provide the person with this information so they can get additional help. Remind them that doing so isn’t a sign of weakness. Treating depression is no different from treating a physical illness, and there’s nothing weak or embarrassing about that.

For help finding resources locally, speak with your local pharmacist. One of the most accessible members of your healthcare team, the pharmacists at Kenron Compounding Pharmacy can help you find support groups and other resources.

Set-Up an Exercise Routine

Exercise is a great way of battling depression, although it can also be difficult for those with depression to get up and move around. They may feel unmotivated and very tired, but laying around will only make them weaker and less energetic. Don’t jump right into going to the gym, though. Instead, start slow. Suggest the two of you go for a walk through the park or simply down the street. If the other person doesn’t want to do that, suggest doing some basic exercises at home. Even walking from room to room can provide a good starting point. You don’t have to just walk or do exercises, either. Try getting up and dancing around—it’s fun and a great way of working the muscles.

Fix Them Healthy Meals

People who are depressed often fall into eating whatever is easy. That means takeout, microwave meals, and junk food. These aren’t the healthiest meals. Depression also affects the appetite, so the person may not even be eating that much. Offer to cook for them several times a week. If you can eat with them, great. If not, drop off a hot dish or provide them with heating instructions. You may also want to suggest a good vitamin supplement.

Kenron Compounding Pharmacy

These are just a few of the ways you can help someone who is battling depression. You can find more information about depression and helping others through a licensed therapist or from looking at resources available during events such as Mental Health Week. For more information, speak with your local PharmaChoice® pharmacist at Kenron Compounding Pharmacy.

The first thing to do is to educate yourself about what depression is. It’s more than just feeling sad, and it’s not something a person can simply get over.

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