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Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wants to be healthy. But, the truth is, healthy living is so much more than trying the latest fad diet or taking out a six-month gym membership to drop a few pounds. It’s about lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is about making permanent changes to your nutrition as well as your activity level. Whether your goal is losing weight, getting fit or boosting your energy, these simple changes will not only help you to reach your goals, but will result in better health overall.

Eating Well

Eating well doesn’t mean counting calories; it’s about making healthy choices. This means cooking at home more often, checking labels for salt and sugar content when shopping and avoiding processed foods.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends making half of your diet vegetables and fruit. [i] These nutrition powerhouses are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, and can also help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruit can also help lower blood pressure and blood sugar while improving cholesterol levels.

The other half of your plate should be filled equally with whole grains and protein, which are both key aspects of a healthy diet. Rather than filling up on pasta or bread made from white flour, choose, whole grain bread and crackers, brown or wild rice, quinoa and oatmeal. The fiber and nutrients offered in such foods helps you to stay full longer.

Plant based proteins such as nuts and seeds as well as eggs, poultry, lean red meats and lower-fat dairy products help maintain bone and muscle health. [i]

Drinking Water 

Pop, juice, flavoured coffee and energy drinks may be full of taste, but add no value to your diet. What they do add is sugar, and a lot of it. These drinks are also full of calories with little nutritional value.

Instead, choose water. Not only will drinking lots of water each day keep you hydrated, it also helps to flush toxins from the body. [i] If you are craving something else to drink, choose unsweetened tea or coffee or unsweetened lower-fat milk.

Being Active

You don’t have to exercise like a maniac to improve your health or lose weight. In fact, your health can improve if you invest in as little as two-and-a-half hours of physical activity each week. [i] While that is the bare minimum for adults aged 18 to 64, it might surprise you how easy it is to be more active. Taking a brisk 20-minute walk after dinner, playing tag with the kids or doing some yard work are all great ways to boost your fitness level.

Moderate to vigorous exercise is key to your heart rate staying elevated for at least 10 minutes at a time. [i] Swimming, biking or aerobics are great ways to get in shape when combined with strength training. Incorporating weights or resistance exercises twice a week into your routine will not only increase your physical strength, but improve muscle tone and bone health.

Remember, you don’t need to change everything at once. Gradually begin to implement changes that will improve your nutrition and fitness. Before you know it, your new, good habits will become a way of life.

Kenron Compounding Pharmacy 

Kenron Compounding Pharmacy is here to help you live a full and healthy life. As specialists in innovative health solutions, compounding and supplements, our staff can help each and every customer achieve their best health. Our expert pharmacists and technicians offer a consultative approach at both of our Calgary locations. Get in touch with us to set up your own personal consultation.


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In fact, your health can improve if you invest in as little as two-and-a-half hours of physical activity each week.

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