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What our Customers Say :

“On the advice of a friend, I took my dispensing needs to Kenron and wished I had done so years ago. The staff are friendly, open and so well informed. The care is personalized and in depth. I highly recommend Kenron to all my friends and family (and just about anyone who will listen), because walking in there I’m made to feel like a person instead of a complicated set of health concerns.  This is extremely refreshing.”

Nan Nassef, Customer

“It is wonderful to be given both options from modern medicine and natural health. The staff are very unassuming, well educated and work on my behalf to come to solutions that will work for my specific inquiry and not that of the general public. ”

Anonymous - Customer

“My wife and I have been customers at Kenron for many years, and have never experienced anything but excellent service. Your pharmacists are diligent, professional, and I’ve got to say I’d have them give me a vaccination over just about anyone. My twinrix vaccinations were 100% pain-free. ”

Neil Petrunia - Customer

“The free delivery at Kenron has been invaluable for the past couple of years. Our dog has a disease in which she requires her medication to be kept cold, and delivered on time. Kenron has never had a problem with this, or exceeding any of our family’s needs.”

Jill J - Customer